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  • One fixed price per month covers all items specified in your maintenance program.
  • We ensure that your home stays operational, tidy, and in tip-top condition.
  • Regular maintenance checks are carried out to ensure constant upkeep.
  • Periodic visits, walk-through inspections, and site audits by a Senior Loxifix Auditor ensure service delivery.
  • Repairs are carried out according to our checks and faults reported.
  • Our documentation supports everything we do and every action is audited for the management records.
  • Electronic Job card communication and regular feedback.
  • Maintenance Plans

  • Turnkey Solutions

  • Structural Audits

Preventative Home Maintenance Programmes

Estimated Monthly Contract Costs Per Unit (Excl VAT)

150 SQ R120.00 R200.00 R370.00 Subject To Audit
250 SQ R200.00 R340.00 R620.00
350 SQ R280.00 R470.00 R860.00
Contract Terms 12 to 24 Months 24 to 36 Months 36 to 48 Months < 48 Months

Please Note: Cancellation notice periods are applicable.


Ten Year Maintenance Plan 0 to 50 Units
Check & Report / Quote Electrical COC
Check & Report / Quote Glass COC
Check & Report / Quote Plumbing COC
Structural Engineering Audit 0 - 100 Units
Check & Report / Quote Electrical Fence COC


Check & Service Garage Door & Motor
Check & Service Gate Motor
Check & Repair Gate Motor
Check & Repair Intermittent Connections
Replace Day Night Switch
Check & Replace Outside Light Bulbs
Check & Replace Inside Light Bulbs
Check And Replace Inside Down Light Bulbs
Check And Replace Inside Florescent Light Bulbs
Check And Replace Inside Pool Light Bulbs
Check & Replace Street Light Bulbs
Transformer Service & Oil Test
Transformer HV LV Switchgear (K3AF) Service
Check & Replace Gate Motor D5
Check & Replace Gate Motor D10
Check & Replace Isolators (Oven, Geyser and Aircon)
Check & Replace Lighting / Surge Arrestors
Check & Replace Electronic Timers
Check & Replace Inside / Outside Light Fittings
Check & Replace Oven, Stove and Fridge Lights
Check & Replace Stove Elements
Transformer Oil Purification
Check & Repair Electrical Fencing
Check & Repair Geyser Thermostat
Check & Replace Garage Motor
Check & Replace Circuit Breaker
Check & Replace Circuit Earth Leakages
Check & Replace Wall Plugs
Check & Replace Manual Timers
Check & Replace LED Light

Glass & Frame

Glass & FrameBasicStandardElitePremium
Aluminum JayCee Color Restore
Check And Repair Sliding Door Wheels
Check And Service Aluminum Door
Check And Service Aluminum Sliding Door
Check And Service Aluminum Stack Door
Check And Service Wrap Wood Door
Check And Service Wood Door
Check And Service Stable Door
Check And Service Garage Door
Service Domestic Sliding Door Wheels
Service Domestic Sliding Door Wheels with burglar Bar
Service Palace Sliding Door Wheels
Service Palace Sliding Door Wheels with burglar Bar
Service Domestic Sliding Door Handle Replace
Service Stack Door Wheels
Service Stack Door Top Guide
Replace Sliding Folding Handle Nylon
Replace Hinges
Replace double action Flush Bolt
Replace spring loaded door handle
Replace Door Latchlock 35mm with 60mm Cyl
Replace Dirt Sockets
Replace Whool Pile
Replace Window Handle
Replace Friction Stay
Replace Frameless Weather Strips

Internal Fittings

Internal FittingsBasicStandardElitePremium
Check And Repair Loose Cornices
Check And Repair Loose Floor Skirtings
Check And Replace Dishwasher Pipes
Check And Replace Washing Machine Pipes
Check And Replace Door Handles
Check And Replace Door Hinges
Check And Replace Door Locksets
Check And Replace Drawer Glides
Check And Replace Drawer Handle
Check And Repair Curtain Rails & Holders
Check And Replace Cornices
Check And Replace Floor Skirtings
Check And Replace Window Handle
Check And Replace Window Stay Arm
Check And Replace Window Hinges


Check and Repair Gupsym Ceiling Board
Check and Repair Plaster Ceiling Board
Check And Repair Wall Paint Touch-up
Check & Repair Barge Boards Paint Touch-Up
Check & Repair Facia Boards Paint Touch-Up
Check & Repair Outside Door Paint / Treatment


Check & Repair Above Ground Water Pipe Leaks
Check & Repair Above Ground Drain Pipe Leaks
Check & Repair Water Pipe Leak & Wall (Inside)
Check And Replace Batavalve Washer
Check And Replace Bibcock & Butterfly Handle
Check And Replace BIBTAP
Check And Replace Bottom Inlet Valve
Check And Replace CALEFFI
Check And Replace Press Control Valve
Check And Replace Diapharagm Washer
Check And Replace Fiber Washer
Check And Replace Flushpipe Connector
Check And Replace Heavy Pattern Tap Washer
Check & Replace Basin S-Trap
Check & Replace Bath Tubs S-Trap
Check & Replace Bathroom Sealant
Check & Replace Kithcen Sealant
Check & Repair Drain Blockages
Check & Repair Stormwater Drain Cleaning
Check & Repair Irrigation Leak
Check And Repair Leaking/Loose Down Pipe
Check & Repair Leaking / Loose Gutter
Check & Replace Damaged Tap Seals
Check & Replace Tap Fittings
Check & Replace Toilet Seats
Check And Replace Diaphragm Washer
Check And Replace Flexi Braided Connector
Fire Extinguisher Service
New 4,5kg Fire Extinguisher Wall Mounted install
Fire Hose Reel Service
Fire Hydrant Service
Check & Clean Gutters
Check & Replace Geyser (Insurance Claims)
Check & Replace Toilet Cisterns
Check & Replace Drain Vent Value
Fire Equipment Signages Replace
Check and Replace Standard Control Valve 100kpa
Check and Replace Fire Extinguisher Cover
Check & Replace Geyser Anode


Check & Replace Barge Boards
Check & Replace Facia Boards
Check & Repair Service Doors
Check & Replace Roof Tiles
Check & Replace Garden Walls Expansion Joints
Check & Repair Roof Waterproofing
Check & Replace / Repair Outside Paving
Check & Replace Inside Tiles
Check & Replace Outside Tiles
Check & Repair Tar Roads
Check & Repair Washing Lines
Check and Replace Roadside Curb

Additional To Your Preventative Home Maintenance Programmes

Estimated Monthly Contract Costs Per Unit (Excl VAT)

Pool Maintenance Program
Size Cost
15000 L R300.00
30000 L R600.00
40000 L R800.00
Gardening Maintenance Program
Size Cost
150 SQ R285.00
250 SQ R475.00
350 SQ R665.00
Outside Cleaning Program
Size Cost
150 SQ R135.00
250 SQ R225.00
350 SQ R315.00

Please Note: Cancellation notice periods are applicable.


Check & Replace Filter Sand
Check & Repair Leaking Pump Pipes
Check & Replace Leaking Pool Cleaner Pipes
Check & Service Pool Cleaner
Pool Brushing
Pool Care (Including Chemicals)
Check & Replace Pool Cleaner


Weed Control Resident Yard (Chemical Application)
Tree Pruning
Cut & Trim Grass Residents Yard (Max 4 Services)
Tidying Up Flower Beds (Excluding Rock)


Cleaning Of Communal Roads / Walkways & Stair Cases
Cleaning roads/walkways and stair cases
Move Waste From Resident To Central Collection Point
Move waste from collection point
Cleaning Unblocking Patio Concrete Slab
Cleaning Unblocking Roof Valley
Cleaning Solar Panels


Aircon Minor Service
Aircon Major Service
Heat Pump Service
Aircon PC Board Replacement

Pest Control

Pest ControlBasicStandardElitePremium
Cockroaches Control For Common Area (Chemical Application)
Grass Termites Control Common Area (Chemical Application)
Rats In Roofs Control for Common Area (Chemical Application)
Rats Outside Control for Common Area
Ants - Granular Control For Common Area (Chemical Application)
Wood Termites Control For Common Area (Chemical Application)

Security Equipment

Camera Services
Camera Cable Repairs
Camera Router Service
Alarm System Testing and Service
Camera system Barrery Replacement
Alarm System Battery Replacement

Turnkey Solutions

Planned maintenance solutions at a fixed maintenance cost.

Our real value lies in the design, management, coordination, and implementation of our unique turnkey maintenance solutions.

Loxifix sets the benchmark for Home Owner maintenance plans. The cost per job is pre-determined, indicated on a schedule.

  • One fixed price per month covers all items avoiding nasty surprises.
  • Planning large projects such as painting and roofing in advance ensures you stay within your monthly budget.
  • Regular maintenance checks ensure the constant upkeep of your house.
  • Day to day standard maintenance like electrical, plumbing, and pools can all be included.
  • Accountability is a major advantage of partnering with Loxifix.
  • Everything we do is documented and audited for management records.

As an HOA, would you like the convenience of a fully ACCOUNTABLE MAINTENANCE TEAM to be handling every maintenance requirement of your residential estate?

Contact Loxisolve for all your maintenance requirements of body corporates and residential estates governed by a home owner’s associations as well as office parks, industrial parks, retail centers and schools.